Yes, we will provide as much assistance as you require or want. Our van has a portable step, and the driver or staff will always be available to assist as necessary with you getting in and out of our vehicles. Our van has space for a fold up wheelchair, (it is not a mobility van though) and our car has adequate boot space for your shopping.

No, unfortunately we aren’t able to provide this service at this stage.

Lifestyle Companions is the first company in Canterbury (that we are aware of) which offers the convenience of member based varied selection of social journeys, events and life appointments with extra assistance, via an instant online booking payment and availability system.  We have very caring drivers offering a much more personalised service. Generally on shared journeys the driver will stay with the clients, assisting where needed, and on standby for peace of mind.

We pride ourselves on a professional, quality service.   

  1. Client Registration Essential - one off registration, to meet our legal requirements.
  2. Event Calendar tabs can be adjusted to suit you, - e.g under category tab choose van, car only, week view, month view, add to digital calendar, print etc
  3. Most events have a 'Book Here' link - just note the exact date and approx time when going through to booking page.
  4. Blue titles indicate VAN Journeys, Green for CAR Journeys,  Dark Green for Greener Events, and Pink for Free or Discounted Jounreys prioritised for members first.
  5. Ticketed events e.g. concerts, or activities with entry fees, you will usually need to contact us directly to express your interest so when there is enough interest we can arrange a social journey for it.
  6. Voucher Codes - for members enter your Seasonal or Annual Gift Voucher code, and for Casual Clients enter your gift voucher code and proceed to checkout.
  7. Alternatively, you can view our journey availability, buy member vouchers, gift vouchers, and by following the above steps book directly here.
  8. Confirmation and reminder emails are sent to registered emails, and text reminders given where a NZ mobile number is provided.

Please get in touch, if you make a mistake, or if the booking page appears to be faulty at that time.

This is a greener affordable option, as we can utilise our vehicles and staff better, and you get peace of mind that if you take regular journeys, there will be availability for members to secure seats in preference to non-members for our more popular journeys.

Other features for non-members are shown on our Pricing Table.

Joining Lifestyle Companions enables us to get to know your likes, preferences and for emergency purposes we have policies on who to contact, and any medical information we should be passing on.

For security purposes, it is best for both our clients and drivers if the clients are known members.

In today’s world we hope to also offer set journeys on set days, to suit those clients who like routine in what they do, and whom feel more comfortable with interacting with same known people.

We know that it can be challenging for family members to offer the support they want to, for other family members, whether younger or older. Family members may live in a different suburb, town, city or country. Family may have work commitments or other responsibilities preventing them from being available when you, or a loved one needs company or assistance with getting out to appointments, or being socially active in their community.  We offer you peace of mind that we are reliable, friendly and offer a good solution of being like a 2nd Family.

Our drivers are all “P” endorsed to carry passengers.

All drivers are police checked.

All Lifestyle Companions vehicles have a First Aid Kit onboard.

Older couple in a park with acorns over their eyes.